Women and Children

Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Unit (CAPIU)

SAC-Legazpi started in 1998 to engage various sectors in the community for the protection of children’s dignity  when Albay

childrenProvince was named as one of the Philippines’ top provinces in child abuse incidence. Multi-sectoral consultations were initiated thus, the Child Abuse Prevention and Intervention Unit (CAPIU) was formed. It is now institutionalized in the local governments of Albay through the participation of the five pillars.

CAPIU is an organization of the five pillars of the justice system (Police, Prosecution, Courts, Correction, and Penology) and selected government and NGOs advocating for the prevention of child abuse and the protection of children’s dignity, worth and well-being.

Some of the major accomplishments are: publications, advocacy campaigns, well-coordinated case management process, capability building to CAPIU members and other mission partners, personality safety curriculum, referral system and intake sheets, institutionalize CAPIU in municipal/city level, and received top award from the Consuelo Foundation.

Coastal Resource Management Project.

The Social Action Center – Diocese of Legazpi in cooperation with Bicol Consortium for Development Initiatives (BCDI is undertakingcrm its coastal resource management project as part of the Bicol wide implementation of the project entitled” Developing Partnership for the Sustainable Management of Municipal Waters in Bicol for the Benefit of Disadvantaged Sectors”, the project aims to address the poverty in the region by responding on the immediate concerns of the provinces with high incidence of poverty focusing on health, good governance, sustainable agriculture, environment – CRM and livelihood.   Through the project coastal resources management in the province had been strengthened taking into .

The project enable to organize the fisherfolks organizations; improve their involvement in governance particularly in protecting and lobbying for the coastal resources technical and resources needs. It also gave way for the establishment of partnership of the Local Government Units and the NGO and POs in connection with the CRM implementation. Municipal waters policy structures were passed with strong complementarity in relation to the fishing ground protection effort along with this is the institutionalization of CRM plans formulated by the LGUs. The enforcement of the local fishery laws is on its fall operations adopting a unified ordinance and fisherfolks participation had been in asserted in by the organized fisherfolks organizations and federations. The Project addresses the fisherfolks sector opportunity to participate in the local governance and in development of their local industry.

Environmental Protection

The Diocese established SAC in 1972. Its programs and services are result of evolution of program-focus over the 39 years. SAC-Legazpi responds to the call of the times and adjusts to what it needs to do in accordance with current realities.

In 1972 to 1974 SAC focused on socio-economic program adopted the pro-poor program of NASSA and CRS with the program Food for Work Program. Later on in early 80s program shifted its focus to advocacy primarily helping the farmers on land dispute. This effort was placed under the advocacy for justice and peace. In 1984 Mayon volcano made a historic eruption where SAC begun its program on relief and rehabilitation. Followed by Typhoon Sisang SAC continues to conduct relief and rehabilitation to the most affected families in Albay. Series of eruption of Mayon volcao were again noted and SAC had established the program Simbahan para sa Mayon (SPM). Year 2000 to present SAC-Legazpi’s Disaster Management Program directed its focus on Disaster Risk Reduction as mitigating program for poverty reduction

The Disaster Management Program has three major components: Disaster Risk Reduction, Emergency Response, and Rehabilitation operating in seven city/municipalities in the Province of Albay.

Sustainable Agriculture



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