Year of the Poor in the Diocese of Legazpi

Year of the Poor in the Diocese of Legazpi

1. Raise greater awareness and action against poverty
2. Provide opportunities for poor people’s empowerment
3. Promote the values of the Church of the Poor


Anti-Poverty Summit
• Gathering of Church people involved in the social apostolate with partners in CSOs, government, basic sectors, and communities (– and other faiths?)
• Major output is a draft Diocesan Development Plan that would articulate and focus the Local Church’s response to poverty and poor people’s empowerment in the context of evangelization and its distinct complementary role to government in promoting the people’s rights and welfare
• Keynote speaker to focus on the values of the Church of the Poor
• Major parts
o Poverty Situationer
o Social Apostolate Situationer
o So that the Poor may be H.E.L.P.E.D: Breakout sessions for data analysis, sharing of best practices, and initial planning of the diocese’s development program in several poverty-response clusters: Health, Education, Livelihood, Protection, Empowerment, and Disaster.
• Smaller “cluster summits” may be scheduled throughout the year to build-up system of collaboration and clarify alignments of cluster development plan

TADA Walk (15 February 2015)
• Diocesan annual fundraising and information drive for our pastoral and social apostolate programs

TADA Campaign: 99 Pamilyang NagtaTADA
• Infusing new energy to the TADA campaign as means to raise awareness and response to poverty and raise funds for PCSCs and SAC programs
• Components:
o Recruiting 100 (99 + yours) families in every parish to pledge to save for TADA
o Establish/strengthen presence in schools, offices, stores, and malls with a new TADA canister design and campaign posters
o Intensify information and education campaign via social media and Dyaryo Veritas

Continuing PCSC Training and Formation Series (Every other month)
• BOSSAW Part 2: Building the Church of the Poor
• Community Organizing and Leadership training
• Parish-based disaster risk reduction management
• PPLG (people’s participation in local governance)
• TADA financial stewardship and accountability

Year of the Poor Advent and Lenten Recollections
• Advent 2014: Biblical foundations of the Church of the Poor
• Lent 2015: Building the Church of the Poor in the Social Teachings of the Church

Other Activities
• Regional Sign-up Sunday against Pork Barrel and Political Dynasty (January/February 2015)
• Intensified “social apostolate Sundays”: Alay Kapwa, Itinerants and Migrants, Indigenous People, Prison Awareness, etc.

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