TADA-HELPED Cluster Organizing

DIOCESE OF LEGAZPI • Diocesan Commission on Social Concerns
Social Action Center – Legazpi

H.E.L.P.E.D. Poverty Response Clusters Organizing

• Synergize and focus the different social apostolates of various church offices, communities, parishes, and organizations for greater impact and sustainability
• Mainstream the social apostolate work of religious communities
• Create a diocesan anti-poverty development plan for 2015-2021

H.E.L.P.E.D. Clusters represent the wide range of social services and development initiatives where the Local Church, in its various units and communities, is present, namely: Healthcare, Education, Livelihood, Protection, Empowerment, and Disaster Risk Reduction. Organizing the clusters aims to foster greater collaboration among Church groups and units engaged in similar apostolates, resulting to more focused, high impact, and sustainable actions in behalf of the poor.

Healthcare Cluster refers to those involved in the health apostolate such as medical missions and services, nutrition, therapy for persons with disability, and mental health.

Education Cluster refers to those who provide various scholarships to children and youth in poor families, and engage in training and formation.

Livelihood Cluster refers to those who promote economic development to poor sectors through livelihood and job opportunities, enterprise development trainings, and access to financial services. Some existing Church-based services in this cluster include the following: microfinance, micro-insurance, social enterprise, employment services, and job fairs.

Protection Cluster refers to those involved in protecting the rights and promoting the welfare of vulnerable groups, such as victims of crime and injustice, women and children, persons with disabilities, indigenous people, prison inmates, migrants and their families left behind.

Empowerment Cluster refers to those involved in empowering poor people and basic sectors through community organizing and development, participation in local governance, promotion of transparency and accountability, education for political maturity, and such initiatives as UBAS (Ugnayan ng Barangay at Simbahan), BUB (Bottom Up Budgeting), and PPCRV-NAMFREL.

Disaster Risk Reduction Cluster refers to those involved in preparedness, emergency response, early recovery, and rehabilitation phases in responding to disasters.

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