Andurog kan Derechos celebrated its 1st year anniversary

Andurog kan Derechos is a multi-sectoral quick reaction team in the Province of Albay organized to address issues on peace and justice particularly cases of Extralegal Killings (ELK) and Enforced Disappearances (ED) and other related violence.

The establishment of this mechanism was forged by the multi-sectoral stakeholders whose mandates are the following:

    1. To provide a venue where relatives of victims and the general public can report cases involving ELK’s/ED’s, seek assistance, request immediate investigation, get legal advice, request protection, or seek psychological services;
    2. To help facilitate communication and cooperation between and among government agencies and civil society groups, including relatives of victims;
    3. To help facilitate immediate action (including assistance, investigation, prosecution and other appropriate measures) by concerned government agencies and other stakeholders;
    4. To document and monitor cases;
    5. To help improve the capability of concerned agencies and groups in addressing cases involving ELK’s/ED’s; and
    6. To raise public awareness and understanding of the phenomena of ELK’s/ED’s in order to deter, minimize or prevent future incidents.

On October 15, 2010 Andurog kan Derechos celebrated its first year anniversary that was participated by the member institutions, parishes of St. Roch in Taysan and Our Lady of Assumption in Guinobatan, and by the Ateneo Human Rights Center (AHRC). Atty. Patricia Cervantes of AHRC conveyed that the Andurog kan Derechos of Albay was the first and the model of all MSQRT in the country. She invited the members to reflect what the MSQRT was created for and reflect if they are meeting the goals. The event was valued by some expressions of the following members:

  • Atty Hanil Almoguera expressed in which he said an institution particularly the Andurog kan Derechos was very much needed to protect human rights. He wishes for the coming year that extralegal killings and enforced disappearances if not eradicated at least minimized in the society. Finally he wishes having a peaceful co-existing.
  • Atty. Marylou Duka-Castillo of Integrated Bar of the Philippines Albay Chapter congratulates the team and committed to continue the support to Andurog kan Derechos.
  • Prof. Herbert Rosana of Bicol University College of Peace Studies expressed willingness to lend their resources.
  • Flor Payneta worker of St. Roch Parish in Taysan, Legazpi City also congratulates the team and expressed gratitude for the help and support extended to St. Roch Parish. She added that they will continue strengthen the Andurog kan Derechos in their Parish to help protect the human rights of the victims and their families especially on extralegal killings and enforced disappearances.

In one year time, the team had enhanced their capacity on various training i.e. Training on Human Rights Investigation and Documentation, trainers Training in Enhancing Helping Skill sin Crisis Situation, Paralegal Training for Human Rights Workers, and MSQRT Gathering and Capacity Building Activity. The participants were able to enhanced more their knowledge and skills in all given specific trainings. On case processing, the team had gathered and documented five ELK related incidences with close cooperation of the CHR and the PNP. On community building and strengthening program, human rights awareness campaigns were conducted in St. Roche Parish in Taysan, Legazpi City and in Our Lady of Assumption Parish in Guinobatan, Albay. This made the community informed and aware of their rights and the available remedies in case of human rights violation.

With all these, the Secretariat led by SAC-Legazpi acknowledged the member-institutions for the commitment in their advocacy to promote justice and peace.

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